Kraftwerk as barbie dolls


Artist Dirk Roessler created these awesome Kraftwerk action figures.

As much as you might like to get your own set, though, they aren’t available for purchase.

Roessler explains:

I collect Kraftwerk records since about 1993. I’m a real fan of them!

So in the year 2000 I’ve decided to sculpt them – just for myself.

I’ve bought some old Mattel Ken figures (that guy from Barbie, you know) at flea markets, “decapitated” them and sculpted the Kraftwerk heads to apply them onto the bodies.

First of all I sculpted them and then I built moulds and casted them with resin.

Then I realized how hard it is to get some clothes for Ken – even in good toy stores!

So I had to sew the red shirts and grey pants on my own – horrible work!

Thank god I found some black shoes at the flea market!

Kraftwerk action figures seem like a completely natural thing, given the groups iconic robotic man-machine presence.


~ by steelberryclones on February 15, 2010.

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