So what has happened at NAMM this year…

…so far not much that makes (at least) me impressed, here are a few samples collected. But I encourage you to respond if I have missed out on anything of importance.


Arturia introduced a series of three hybrid synthesizers


Ableton and Serato announced The Bridge


Eigenlabs made the US debut of the Eigenharp Alpha and Pico, and made the world debut of the Eigenharp Tau

Roland announces the VP-7 Vocal Processor
The Human Voice section provides rich and expressive choral backing by just playing the keyboard — no singing required.

Roland introduces the VR-700

  • Roland’s acclaimed Virtual Tone Wheel and COSM technology provide authentic organ sound
  • Dedicated harmonic bars, rotary-speaker simulation, and amp models, including Active Amp Enhancer
  • 76-key waterfall keyboards offers smooth glissandos, fast action, and provides enough keys for splits
  • Dual-manual simulation with Split function plus pedalboard capability (optional Roland PK-25A, PK-7A)
  • Essential ensemble sounds (with tone remain function) onboard, including 88-key multi-sampled pianos, EP, strings, brass, synth pads, and more
  • Full polyphony in the organ section, 128-voice polyphony for the ensemble section
  • WAV/AIFF/MP3/SMF playback function for backing tracks
  • Built-in rhythm patterns for practice and play-along performance
  • Store user and system settings onboard and to USB memory sticks
  • Versatile I/O, including professional XLR outputs


At Winter NAMM 2010, Peavey Electronics and Muse Research and Development have introduced the new, portable, flexible MuseBox Musical Instrument and Effects Box. The MuseBox uses virtual instruments and effects technology in a brand-new way, so players of all types can easily take cutting-edge software-based synths, sounds and effects to rehearsals, gigs, to the practice room, or to the studio


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