The 20 best electronic albums in the past decade

Hi all

Time to sum up the past ten years and list the 20 best / most important electronic, electro, EBM and synth albums that has been released. This is of course a tricky quest and will most likely create some debate. Numerous of good albums has been released and I have certainly not listened to all of them, but still someone needs to make a statement :-). The albums are listed in order of importance, but may not be absolute, in the sense that – if they are rated as number 6, they could easily be argued to have place number 7 instead etc, but still…

Number 1:

Kraftwerk – Tour de france soundtrack

Number 2:

The Knife – Silent Shout

Number 3:

Goldfrapp – Black Cherry

Number 4:

Covenant – Skyshaper

Number 5:

Colder – Again

Number 7:

Daft Punk – Discovery

Number 8:

Felix! – Kittenz and thee glitz

Number 9:

Welle: Erdball – Die wunderwelt der technik

Number 10:

Suicide – American supreme

Number 11:

DAF – Fünfzehn neue D.A.F-Lieder

Number 12:

VNV Nation – Futureperfect

Number 13:

Röyksopp – Melody A.M.

Number 14:

Rammstein – Mutter

Number 15:

Vive la fete – Republique populaire

Number 16:

And One – Agressor

Number 17:

Jeans Team – Musik von oben

Number 18:

Recloose – Cardiology

Number 19:

Melotron – Sternenstaub

Number 20/21:

Télépopmusik – Genetic world

System – Self organizing


~ by steelberryclones on January 7, 2010.

10 Responses to “The 20 best electronic albums in the past decade”

  1. Kenny Larkin Metaphor — 1995

  2. Perfect call on including Rammstein’s Mutter in this list… That record was a masterpiece.

  3. I already had covenant, daft punk, ramm, and vnv nation down, but otherwise you just turned me on to about 17 bands. I’ve been looking for something electronic that’s even remotely as lyrically and muscially competent as those I listed, and mainstream sites – of course – failed to deliver.


  4. no aphex twin?

  5. You also look into Thermostatic
    They’re one off my new fav bands.

  6. What about mogwai?


    My personal fav. right now

  7. How do you figure Rammstein is electronic music?!?!

  8. I think this list is made for germans!!

  9. This has inspired me to share my own top five, as I have for a few different music magazines but never seem to get the chance to write about anything that deviates too severely from pop or indie rock! Here is my list of current electro-faves

    tycho – a bit derivitive of boc? yes… in the most delicious way possible.

    aphex twin – amazing what the man could do with the rudimentary technologies afforded to him in 1994

    Boards of Canada- Nature encapsulated in thick organic soundcollages. seminal, classic, required

    Fever Sleep – Little known but amazingly communicative… songs are like snapshots of memories. And all free:

    Eluvium – Mathew is a brilliant introvert. What he does with tapes and pianos will never earn him money, but certainly a place in our hearts if we listen well.

    Other folks have suggestions?

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