Synthex, Morphex and Graphex



The Synthex analog synth and sound effects generator gives you all the “full-force, knob-turning analog power” you could want in a little red box. The driving element of Synthex is a VCO that outputs square and triangle waveforms. It also has two external audio inputs for creating hard sync and FM effects; dedicated crossfaders for controlling the Mix and Levels; and a switch for reconfiguring the internal signal path.

Likewise, the Morphex is monster-green, hybrid analog synth and effect unit that takes any two line-level sounds and morphs between them in “beautiful and bizarre” ways. It’s ideal for creating distorted and warped sounds.

The Graphex, on the other hand, is a dynamic gating and rhythm effect ideal for creating and manipulating “trance-gate” patterns, 303-style accents, drum loop edits, and stutter effects. The blue-hued unit performs all chopping and gating actions in real-time.

For more details on the bright analog boxes, visit the Abstract Data Web site.


~ by steelberryclones on October 29, 2009.

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