3 new great Reason Refills for download

Download them here for free >>

Thor CZ Refill is here!

The Thor Polysonic Synthesizer is not only an incredible tool for new and inventive sound design but also remains faithful to classic synths with its ability to accurately emulate vintage equipment of the past. In this particular refill we take focus of Thor’s ability to create authentic Casio CZ patches through its phase distortion ocillator. The refill contains 96 patches in Thor and Combinator instruments, 4 tutorial/template files and a document discussing the CZ architecture and approach to emulation within Thor. For those who have owned one of the CZ-101/1000 synthesizers will appreciate the first 16 patches of this refill which are almost identical to the factory presets that shipped with the original units.
KIKBAK’s MPC 60 Refill

We are very proud to host Kikbak’s very own MPC 60 refill to the community. This refill should be at the top of your list if you are looking to put down some slammin beats. This is not your typical MPC 60 Refill. These drum sounds are from Kikbak’s customized MPC 60ii, which boasts a +4dbv output boost on all outputs. This modification makes the MPC 60ii louder and punchier than a stock MPC 60, which outputs at -10dbu. At the heart of this refill are 59 drum sounds, 8 Redrums, and 7 Combinators. A collection of quality drum sounds that pack some serious punch and smack. Get it now

If after using this incredible refill your interested in purchasing Kikbak’s Vol 2 Refill Email him at kikbak1@gmail.com. Or click here to order through PayPal!


Thanks to White Crow for allowing us to present the community with the free refill.  This is a great refill that nearly emulates the full range of the Yamaha CS-01.  By taking the raw waveforms of the original unit and assigning combinator controls to modulate ASDR and filter combinatinos you basicaly have a full functioning CS-01.  At almost 42MB it find a nice place in your refill library.  Enjoy!

~ by steelberryclones on October 6, 2009.

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