Synton Syntovox Vocoders

The history:

Synton, Syntovox 221:

  • 20channels, pin Matrix panel Big, 20-channel unit. Matrix-panel on the front allows
    analiser-synthesizer channel patching. Internal VCO, noise generator, Voiced/Unvoiced detection,
    40+ LEDs for spectrum monitoring . Also, it has a 50-pin connector on the back which provides
    CV in and out for each channel.. Original RRP: HFL 12000,- (US$ 7500.00).
Synton , Syntovox 222:

  • 12-channels. have a very musical sound as some says!
    Original RRP:HFL 1000,- (US$ 625.00)
Synton ,Syntovox 202:

  • 10-channel low-budget version. No noise generator.
    Original RRP: HFL 800,- (US$500.00)

Synton , Syntovox 223:

  • Rumours say that this vas Syntons last vocoder before they went under.The vocoder vas
    designed to be programmable and to alow each BPF channel to be swept in frequency and in Q value,
    but all this info are still rumours.

~ by steelberryclones on October 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Synton Syntovox Vocoders”

  1. Hi there
    You need to add the 1985 syntovox SPX 216 to your list
    And this Syntovox 223 excists ?
    Somebody ever seen a picture of this Syntovox 223 ?
    I ‘d love te see that.
    DJ DNA

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