New free VSTs from Synthgeak and free Reason Refills

Synthgeek has released the SG-WSS1, SG-APCX and SG-APC1, three free virtual synthesizer plug-ins for Windows.


SG-WSS1, SG-APCX and SG-APC1 details

  • SG-WSS1 — The “WSS” stands for Wave Shaping Synth. This is a subtractive synth based on an idea inspired by my K2000. By no means an emulation, it merely makes use of waveshaping techniques similar to a couple of the K2000’s DSP algorithms. Think VA with a twist, and some nice modulation options.
  • SG-APCX — This is an expanded version of the APC1 synth found below, including more filter options, distortion, and modulation via 3 LFO’s & 3 step sequencers. Think of it as a groovebox for crazy synth fx. It can also be coerced into lo-fi squelchy bassline territory, though due to it’s nature, tuning can be tricky.
  • SG-APC1 — A rather simple noise machine inspired by the Kaustic Machines Atari Punk Console. Best when tweaked or automated, as otherwise it just puts out a steady tone. Includes a basic on-off MIDI gate and a highpass filter for added usefulness.

Synthgeek’s VST plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows PC – Download them here >>

AND !!

Stereoklang has uploaded 13 more nice Reason Refills for FREE download >>


~ by steelberryclones on September 30, 2009.

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