Free plug-ins from Lower Rythm and new free Reason Refills

The Lower Rhythm has announced the release of Signals, a synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Intended to create incredibly intricate and lush pad sounds, Signals utilizes four oscillators (each with their own signal path) in conjunction with two powerful LFOs (32 possible destinations each, 5 waveforms) and an LFO-modulated global delay. Each oscillator has its own waveform selector (5 shapes), tuning control, lowpass filter, bit crusher and volume envelope.

Signals features

  • Four independent oscillator channels w/coarse tuning.
  • Bit crusher.
  • Lowpass filter.
  • Volume envelope.
  • Two LFO’s with 32 output destinations each.
  • LFO-modulated delay channel.

However The Lower Rythm has also released several nice totally free effect and generator plug-ins that can be downloaded at Stereoklang >>


Stereoklang has also uploaded 12 more Reason Refills (the 20081211-folder) here >>


And make sure to sponsor the ones keeping Stereoklang up and running 🙂

To know more about the The Lower Rythm project click here >>


~ by steelberryclones on August 31, 2009.

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