We like >> Universal Audio Fatso & EMT 250 for UAD2

A really good emulation of the Fatso
Universal Audio have scored a first for their UAD2 DSP system, with the only official emulation of Empirical Labs Fatso Jr. tape simulator and compressor. Fatso is designed to give users the “wonderfully warm and pleasing sound of magnetic recording tape, class-A transformers, and tube circuits,” and will be of use to anyone who wants to achieve the sound of classic analogue outboard in their DAW software. The plug-in version has been created with the help of Empirical Labs’ designer Dave Derr, who has also assisted Universal Audio in emulating his previously unavailable concept version of the hardware Fatso Jr, known as the Fatso Sr., which comes bundled in the software package.

The original Fatso Jr. hardware includes controls for harmonic generation and soft clipping, high-frequency saturation, transformer and tape-head emulation, and soft-knee compression, all of which are faithfully modelled in the plug-in release. With Universal Audio’s excellent track record of emulating high-end hardware, UAD2 users are likely to be in for an exclusive treat with Fatso.

Universal Audio have also introduced an emulation of the EMT 250 digital reverb for their UAD2 platform. In true UA style, they’ve sourced a ‘golden unit’ from Ocean Way studios and modelled every nuance to create an emulation that EMT have endorsed.

As with all new UAD plug-ins, users will need a UAD2 DSP card to run the Fatso and EMT 250 processors. These are available in PCIe format for desktop computers and Express Card format for compatible laptops. The Fatso UAD2 plug-in retails for $299, which was £183 at the time of writing, while the EMT 250 emulation costs $249 (£151).

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