Arash uses the new looping SW Cycler

Devine Machine has announced Cycler, a new looping software.

After four years of intensive development and extensive real-world gig beta testing, Devine Machine is proud to announce his revolutionary looper: Cycler.

Cycler is a totally new approach to looping on computers, designed to simplify creating music, with or without your screen!

Cycler is a radical departure from hardware emulation software and contains powerful and truly unique functions, such as multiple loop length capabilities, a comprehensive battery of effects and infinite undos for each of the 16 loopers, among many other truly unique features.

It aims to ease and simplify the relationship between musician and computer.

Arash Khalatbari and Wise Washington performing using CYCLER, the new upcoming looping and remix system from Devine Machine. Flutes, jaw harp and percussion are recorded and mixed live.

Release date is set for early 2010, price is not yet fixed. Versions for all platforms will be included with purchase. An extensive feature list will be communicated by October 2009.

Find out more here >>


~ by steelberryclones on August 14, 2009.

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