The new Melda bundle – 25 plug-ins in all :-)

MeldaProduction has announced the release of the MTotalBundle, a new effect plug-in bundle which, as its name suggests, contains all of MeldaProduction’s effect plug-ins to cover all required tasks when composing, mixing and mastering.

The complete list below:

Mixing & Mastering

MeldaProduction MMultiBandDynamics


MMultiBandDynamics advanced multiband dynamics processing module plug-in is an advanced multiband dynamics processor with clear sound; designed originally for mastering, however due to its high performance and zero latency it is also suitable for any mixing purpose. It features up to six fully configurable independent bands. In addition, starting with two compressor/expander units and finishing with an advanced custom processing shape editing feature enabled by our incredible MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES) technology, MMultiBandDynamics becomes a total advanced multiband dynamics processing solution!

MeldaProduction MAutoEqualizer


MAutoEqualizer advanced mastering equalizer and analyzer plug-in is a revolutionary (but not only for) mastering plug-in; that combines a powerful equalizer, state-of-the-art linear-phase equalizer and analyzer in a single window. Also, it is the first software featuring our MeldaProduction Filter Adaption (MFA) technology which can actually perform the equalization for you based on an analysis of your recording, another recording or any spectral content which you can literally “draw” using our MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES).

MeldaProduction MDynamics


MDynamics advanced mastering dynamics processor plug-in is an advanced dynamic processor with clear sound. Starting with two compressor/expander units and finishing with an advanced custom processing shape editing feature enabled by our incredible MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES) technology, MDynamics is a total dynamic processing solution!

MeldaProduction MStereoProcessor


MStereoProcessor is an advanced multiband stereo analyzer and enhancer plug-in. Using MStereoProcessor you can make your recording and mixes sound more professional, by easily adding the necessary perception of depth and space.

MeldaProduction MReverb

MReverb Coming soon…

MReverb is a special reverb designed for mixing, particularly spatial positioning, which has been a very hard and time-consuming task. Until now… You need to specify room properties and then you only need to move the sound source where you want and MReverb will try to make it sound like the object is in that spot.


MeldaProduction MMultiBandLimiter


MMultiBandLimiter is an advanced state-of-the-art multiband mastering brickwall limiter plug-in that makes your recordings and mixes sound louder with minimal distortion and artifacts. You don’t need a Ph.D. to achieve great professional quality results with our plug-in and a little work.

MeldaProduction MUltraMaximizer


MUltraMaximizer is a simplified version of MMultiBandLimiter designed for one single purpose – maximize the loudness of your recording to maximal levels.

MeldaProduction MSpectralDynamics


MSpectralDynamics spectral mastering dynamics processor plug-in is a true mastering revolution. It can do many things, but it’s main feature serves as an ultramodern hi-tech replacement for multiband compressors and loudness maximizers. With top-class features such as custom shape processing it can provide you with a varied and wide range of effects. Additionally, it provides you with a free-form linear phase equalizer with a range from -80dB to 0dB; which you can use to fix specific issues in your recordings and mixes.

MeldaProduction MDynamicsLimiter


MDynamicsLimiter advanced mastering dynamics limiter plug-in is a state-of-the-art mastering brickwall limiter that makes your recordings sound louder with minimal distortion and artifacts. Again, no Ph.D. or Engineering Degree needed to use it!

MeldaProduction MEqualizerLinearPhase


MEqualizerLinearPhase mastering 8-band equalizer plug-in is a surgical tool necessary for every mastering engineer. It has crystal clear sound with minimal distortion (measured below -160dB). It doesn’t smear transients or create mud, nor does it alter the imaging and depth information of the original sound. It is especially useful for enhancing or correcting difficult material like vocals, instrumental soloists and groups, orchestral recordings and complex mixes; without introducing any unwanted coloring.


MeldaProduction MMultiBandAutopan


MMultiBandAutopan is a powerful multiband automatical panner with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MMultiBandPhaser


MMultiBandPhaser is a powerful multiband phaser with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MMultiBandRingModulator


MMultiBandRingModulator is a powerful multiband ring-modulation effect using two oscillators with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MMultiBandTremolo


MMultiBandTremolo is a powerful multiband tremolo with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MMultiBandVibrato


MMultiBandVibrato is a powerful multiband vibrato with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MMultiBandWaveShaper


MMultiBandWaveShaper is a powerful multiband wave-shaping plug-in with adjustable shape.

Pro-version of our free plug-ins

MeldaProduction MAnalyzer


MAnalyzer is a FFT based analyzer for audio frequency content displayed as 1/3 octave bars or FFT curve. Allows comparisons, magnitude normalization, averaging…

MeldaProduction MAutopan


MAutopan is a traditional automatical panner with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MCompressor


MCompressor provides standard compression with volume maximization and has adjustable compression shape, which gives you power to set custom smoothing or even interesting sound effects.

MeldaProduction MEqualizer


MEqualizer is an extremely easy-to-use 6-band equalizer.

MeldaProduction MLimiter


MLimiter performs smooth saturation in a standard tube-like way improving clarity of the resulting sound. It can also be used as a distortion module for guitars and other instruments.

MeldaProduction MPhaser


MPhaser is a traditional phasing effect plug-in.

MeldaProduction MRingModulator


MRingModulator performs standard ring-modulation effect using two oscillators.

MeldaProduction MWaveShaper


MWaveShaper is a traditional wave-shaping plug-in. Unlike other plug-ins it has an adjustable shape instead of a few predefined shapes.

MeldaProduction MTremolo


MTremolo is a traditional tremolo with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MVibrato


MVibrato is a traditional vibrato with adjustable shape.

MeldaProduction MStereoExpander


MStereoExpander provides stereo field modification to improve or smaller clarity of differences between channels.

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The bundle currently includes over 25 plug-ins (including the pro-versions of MeldaProduction’s free plug-ins). All are available as VST effect plug-ins for Windows and Windows x64.


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