Ironhead:Spawn, 13 instrument plug-ins for Windows

Ugo Audio has announced the release of Ironhead:Spawn, a collection of 13 instrument plug-ins for Windows.

Meet the Spawn of Ironhead! Going well beyond the original Ironhead, the Spawn plugs have been mutated and modified to provide a far wider range of percussive and melodic sounds, and they can be played like normal synths…tracking pitch across the entire keyboard. If you like tuned percussion, you’re going to love this.

Ironhead is drum kit…Ironhead:Spawn is a whole band.

Ugo Audio Ironhead:Spawn
Ugo Audio Ironhead:Spawn

Ironhead:Spawn features

  • Fast, fun, and easy interface.
  • 13 unique sounding percussion instruments .
  • Morphing (controled by LFO, automation, MIDI).
  • Random variance.
  • Dual delays (BPM sync with dotted notes).
  • Randomizers.
  • Over 40 presets in each, totaling over 540 presets in the bundle.

~ by steelberryclones on July 13, 2009.

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