Learn all about Circle

Circle is the powerful, easy to use software synthesizer from FAW. If you are not familiar with Circle yet, FAW have posted new tutorials on their website. Mo Volans, a regular contributor to EQ, Remix and Music Tech Magazine, presents a series of step by step tutorials for designing sounds with Circle. Tutorials 1 to 4 are available now, with more being added in the coming weeks.

Creating a Classic Brass Sound
For the first tutorial we walk through the creation of one of the easiest sounds to synthesizer, a classic analog brass sound. Read more…

Creating an Electro Synth Bass with Circle
Building recreations of classic synth patches is a great way to familiarise yourself with Circles interface We have already looked at a classic synth brass sound and a bass patch, so now lets build something with a slightly different character and a few more modulations. Read more…

Creating a Classic Synth Lead
As we have already discovered, creating your own patches with Circle is really straight forward.
Let’s take a look at another basic sound to help you get more familiar with Circle’s environment. Synth bass sounds are possibly the most popular patch on any synth. Read more…

Creating a Creating a Noise Based Sweep Effect
So far we have looked at how to go about creating some basic instrument patches using Circle, now lets focus on building some classic synth sound fx. Read more…


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