Use of compression in your music production



Compressors and limiters are specialized amplifiers used to reduce dynamic range–the span between the softest and loudest sounds. All sound sources have different dynamic ranges or peak-to-average proportions. An alto flute produces a tone with only about a 3dB difference between the peak level and the average level. The human voice (depending on the particular person) has a 10dB dynamic range, while a plucked or percussive instrument may have a 15dB or more difference. Our own ears, by way of complex physiological processes, do a fine job of compressing by responding to roughly the average loudness of a sound. Good compressor design includes a detector circuit that emulates the human ear by responding to average signal levels. Even better compressor designs also have a second detector that responds to peak signal levels and can be adjusted to clamp peaks that occur at a specific level above the average signal level.

Download tutroial here (pdf) >>


~ by steelberryclones on May 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Use of compression in your music production”

  1. Great video!Ive been searching for something to break down compression for me and this did it perfectly

  2. Great explanation of compression – very thorough but not unnecessarily wordy! Compression is an extremely versatile tool that’s almost hard NOT to reach for.

    Thanks for your post.


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