NAMM 2009: New from Arturia – miniMOOG V

Updates to software instruments

French physical-modelling company Arturia were showing updates to two of their software products at the NAMM show.
Apart from a raft of new presets to help you get going quickly, the new version of the Minimoog V has what developers call an “advanced automation mode” that lets you draw in your own waveshapes.
More impressive is a new system that lets you navigate through Minimoog prestets. Patches are marked as points on a GUI called Sound Map (left), which resembles a chart of star constellations, and are grouped near similar-sounding presets. If you find, say, a lead sound you like but aren’t totally convinced by, you can open Sound Map and select an adjacent point on its chart, to get a subtly different sound. You can also morph between up to four points, to create a unique blend of a number of patches.

~ by steelberryclones on January 16, 2009.

One Response to “NAMM 2009: New from Arturia – miniMOOG V”

  1. Love old synths. Wish I had a MiniMoog and or an Arp 2600.
    Found this Drum Loop and Sound Library of old Casio’s

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