New Reason Refills from Youproduce

Merry Xmas everyone :-)


# 01 # DOWNLOAD: ReVolution Refill

ReVolution Refill is the second effect refill made by Flandersh Production. Last
one was released in 2006, and now in 2008 the next is ready. From that time
Flandersh Production has changed its name to Flandersh Vibes. This refill has
more advanced designed techs than the last one, and reach maybe a bigger area of
use. From general mixdown patches to wild panning tools, and from huge analyze
tools to mad filter effects.


Another new ReFill by maustaste: KICK IT.

- 474 Kicks all Wav Samples.
- Sortet by Category Drumsound Groups
- BANK 01-Drum Library (In Subfolders with all sortet Wav files)
- BANK 02-NN-XT Preview Multi Programs for easy stepping through the refill by
browsing the sounds in NN-XT...

This Refill features a lot of drumsounds I archived for about 13 Years. In this
time I compiled my favorites in this Free Reason ReFill from over thousend drum
& co. samples.

(Techno/Hardcore "Rotterdam Style", House, OldStyle, Effect,
Linn),Snares,Claps,Percussion,Toms,Crashes and many more…

~ by steelberryclones on December 25, 2008.

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