Don’t want to create your own patches – Check out L’il Poly-Ana

L’il Poly-Ana 1.14

L’il Poly-Ana offers all the same sound features as her big sister, all we’ve done is remove most of the voice editing controls to make her a preset player only. We have however left in all performance related controls, allowing you to customize your patches to your desired playing style. And we’ve also included the most popular controls for live sound tweaking, the filter cutoff and resonance controls. All fully automatable and MIDI CC controllable, just like with “big” Poly.

There’s also been an evaluation reset for both products, so even if you’ve tried them before, you can download and try them again. We offer a free, fully functional evaluation peroid for the first week, so go ahead and try them out, save and recall your work, sample the sounds, even make hit records with them — we don’t care! The 7 day free evaluation period is there for you to enjoy actually using our products in real-life production scenarios. We feel you should be able to “Try B4 Buy”, and we believe our products truly sell themselves. Our fully functional demos are there to prove it, so try ’em out!

L’il Poly-Ana contains all of the sound features and capabilities of Poly-Ana. What makes it L’il, however, is the restriction on your ability to design new patches. It almost works on the honor system, however, as Admiral Quality decided to leave in every performance control and the entire simulation control section which includes Quality (CPU), Saturator and the new Analog Drift Feature. What’s more, Admiral Quality left in the cutoff and resonance controls for both filters for live usage. L’il Poly-Ana is only available as a VST instrument. The full version includes an effect version of the plugin.

The intended L’il Poly-Ana customer is someone who does not want to create their own patches, possibly someone just beginning a venture into computer sound. However, even Poly-Ana users might find L’il Poly-Ana useful for recalling patches and saving screen space. That should be good news for Poly-Ana users because if you’re one of them, you get L’il Poly-Ana for free.

More info here >>


~ by steelberryclones on December 2, 2008.

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