Want to know more about Bass?


Found this great blog poste on the subject, however if you are very concerned about lightly dressed women (it’s perfectly safe, but still) than remain here and get the summary 🙂

The double bass and the bass guitar have their use, but sine waves are absolutely crucial in bass science. Producers who don’t have them in their toolkit might as well pack up and leave. Here’s what they sound like

And here’s what a sine wave looks like. The original meaning of the word sinus in ancient Latin is bosom and the curves of the sine wave look feminine indeed. But times change. Nowadays when people hear a heavy bass they usually picture a big bottom. And what’s even more puzzling: while a low frequency sine wave may sound like a fat ass, a high frequency sine wave sounds thinner than the skinniest supermodel. That’s the mystery side of the sine wave i’ll try to explain here.

Full story here >>


~ by steelberryclones on November 27, 2008.

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