Noise and more electronic noise


Elusive Austrians Steinklang Industries are back in a big way with no less than 4 new releases spewing forth. The first is a biggun, an ode to the Japan noise scene called “Japanoise of Death II”. Like the name suggests, this is the second iteration of the regional noise compilation and features notables like Guilty Connector, Dissecting Table, Incapactiants and a wack more of both grizzled and fresh faces. Making things more interesting is a special laser etched metal box edition which combines both editions of the comp (the original was only available as a limited vinyl or CDR).

Continuing with Japan, we then have HIROSHI HASEGAWA‘s “Ascension No.999”. This one is a CD with a run of 500 that combines “experimental cut-up noise, over droning sound-walls” with “screaming high frequency manipulations” during its 50 minutes. If that doesn’t do it for you (or you still have cash left) “Rotten sarkoma” is the title of CDR from SCRELOMA which combines two of the best things in this mean old world: “harsh noises and heavy Power Electronics”. You can expect “concrete or sublime rhythms” recorded in analogue with a runtime of 61 min.

Finally, a week from now seminal release hog Dissecting Table gets yet another notch in his belt with “Early studio works 1986/87″, a CD collating earlier material from his first LP and 7” plus 5 previously unreleased tracks. The disc comes wrapped in an A3 sized poster and lands on April 17. MP3s have been posted for these releases so suck up some bandwidth already.

More info here >>

Thanks to moron for the info


~ by steelberryclones on November 26, 2008.

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