For all you NORD fans out there – NORD Electro 3…

…has been launched. I believe it is a synth popular among a lot of new wave bands, such as Melody Club. Hmmm not sure that’s a positive thing, but still hehe


Nord and UK distributor Sound Technology are very pleased to announce the next generation Electro – the Nord Electro 3.

With the introduction of the Nord Electro 3, the legacy of the original Electro and the knowhow that have shaped some of the other Nord models have been combined. The Electro 3 features a new organ section, a new piano section, new effects and also a new exciting feature that allows the Electro 3 to use any samples from the Nord Wave library.

The Electro 3 comes in two sizes, a 61 and a 73 key version with semi-weighted waterfall keys.

Nord Electro 3 will ship in the UK in December 2008 priced at £1399 and £1599 RRP inc VAT for the Electro 3 61 and Electro 3 73 respectively.

Find out more here >>


~ by steelberryclones on November 17, 2008.

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