Popcorn – Worlds first electro pop song to hit the charts

I guess most of you heard the song Popcorn at one point. But which version have you heard? Originally composed and recorded in 1969 by Gershon Kingsley on his album Music To Moog By. Though in 1972, it became a huge hit in many countries when it was rerecorded by the goup Hot Butter. “Popcorn” has since been covered by a great number of artists. In fact Wikipedia states that 500 versions exists… You can find 79 of them at http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2007/03/79_versions_of_.html although I doubt that all reference to artists are correct.

The version by Hot Butter reached no. 1 in Australia, Germany, Norway and Swizerland, 5 in UK and 9 on US Billboard Pop singles in 1972. It’s been re-released on unumerous compilations albums since then.  More recent chart success are made by Crazy Frog which reached no. 1 in Belguim, France and Spain 2005.

Listen to the version by Hotbutter here (video is not original):


~ by steelberryworkers on November 7, 2008.

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