MK Digital Keys – Retro Keyboard Sampleset Released

Hi all Nucleus has a released a new Refill that is definately worth checking out and as a bonus there is also a free demo Refill below….

MK Digital Keys is a new retro keyboard sample library by Nucleus SoundLab.

Bring the 80s keyboard sound to your productions with this faithful sampling of Roland’s MKS-20 keyboard synthesizer. MK Digital Keys is available in three format packages: Reason Refill, WusikEngine, and Kontakt/EXS/SFZ.

Back in 1986, there weren’t many good ways to take a good keyboard sounds with you while touring. Sampled pianos were in their infancy, with extremely low samplerates and small ROM sizes. One answer to this problem was SAS synthesis. This unique form of synthesis uses no samples whatsover, and produces a very realistic sound. Still, its not a ‘real piano’, so these days the sound is more useful for its retro character. It still sounds great!

MK Digital Keys brings this retro sound to your modern sampler, while removing original limitations like low polyphony and noisy outputs. This is an extremely comprehensive sampling, with 6 samples per octave, 7 octaves, and 6 velocity layers per note. All 8 tones of the MKS are represented (3 pianos, 2 EPs, Clav, Harp and Vibes). All of this comprises a total of nearly 2100 mono 24-bit 44khz samples!

MK Digital Keys is also built to be scalable. At times, you won’t have need for the full extent of the sampling described above, due to CPU/RAM constraints. For those times, 3 alternate smaller versions of each tone are contained inside – L, M and S sizes. The S versions weigh in at under 50mb and can fit into even the most RAM-starved projects. Details:

* 3.6+ GB of 24-bit 44khz samples

* 8 different classic keyboard tones

* 20 Combinators and 32 NN-XT patches inside the Refill

* 78 WusikEngine presets, including 46 custom presets by Daniel Stawczyk

* Kontakt/EXS/SFZ format pack contains raw .wav files plus patches for all 3 formats.

Listen to what MK Digital Keys offers by downloading the MP3 demos below.

In addition, a Demo Refill is available for free download.


~ by steelberryclones on November 7, 2008.

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  1. Thanks, awesome stuff!

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