Klangstabil releasing new concept album in October

German band Klangstabil are set to release a new album, Math and Emotion, October 31 on Ant-Zen and MHz Records. The concept album about chess will be available as a standard CD and as a special edition, featuring a chess game, T-shirt and fine art print. The band have scheduled several live German dates, including a release party in Leipzig on December 5. Please follow the links for more information.


klangstabil was founded in 1994 by maurizio blanco and boris may. maurizio blanco and boris may met in 1994. before then, maurizio blanco had already spent most of his life experimenting with electronic music and expressing his own ideas, however boris may had only been listening to music up to that point in time. both of them soon realised that they were communicating on the same level. soon, a new vision was formed: to make people see music in a different way by employing new techniques and ideas. the name, klangstabil, more or less came off the top of their heads, but it fit quite well for both of them. they started producing without ever having the intention of having anything released; in their opinion, they were merely researching personal expression. their main inspiration was and is still kraftwerk. not after long, they were performing in small live-acts which resulted in a record-label showing interest in them. their first production was released on vinyl, and you can expect to see more of the same in the future.

klangstabil’s work ethic can be accurately defined as: one step back, two steps forward. with this attitude, klangstabil is creating their own niche by taking principal elements of the very beginning of electronic music and relating these elements to the modern times today. in order to understand what surrounds us day by day, one has to see things from the perspective of creation. as more progress is made, more questions arise. to put it simply: how does a tune get created, what is its meaning and what is its sound there for? in order to understand, one has to go and live through the decades of a wide musical spectrum. klangstabil continues to give an acoustic answer to the question: “what’s next?”


~ by steelberryclones on October 20, 2008.

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