Arturia goes hardware

“We are extremely proud to be shipping Origin”, says Frédéric Brun, President of Arturia. “The project has taken much longer than we initially thought and, since we had announced the product early, Origin has been eagerly awaited by the market. In the end, taking more time has proven necessary to foster quality and details.”


Origin is the most powerful synthesizer on the market.As a matter of fact, it goes beyond the traditional definition of synthesizers. It is a hardware DSP system that houses several synthesizers in one machine. Some of these synths come from the past, such as the Minimoog, some are totally new and innovative.

Loaded with modules extracted from the best synthesizers of all time, Origin lets you combine these modules and take advantage of the additional possibilities put onboard. The result: a new type of sound accessible through an extremely intuitive interface.

Listen to it:

Carre Couleur Origin Audios


by Arturia (JM & Vinx)

This dub track has been entirely made with Origin, except the bass drum and the hi hat. Delay, chorus, phasing and short reverb effects all come from Origin.
Play it loud, I’m Origin and I’m proud

by Thomas Koot

Progressive song entirely made with Origin, including drums. No external effects, compression or EQ-ing. Sidechaining effects made with sequencer driven envelopes.
Electro demo

by JMB Arturia

A demo track based on the Multi “Dark Side 80s”. it originally uses 4 program playing in layering mode: 1 leads sound, a warm and fat bass sequence, an electro drum sequence, a complex dual percussive sequences program and a rich pad! The mix of this track has been done in real time using the Program’s volume MIDI CC controllers and the mod wheel opening the cutoff frequency of the pad sound’s filter.
Lake and Forest

by TJam

A nice Jazz ambient soundscape using the “Jazz Guitar”, a “12 strings” Guitar, a warm and deep strings pad and a light lead sound.
Wes Montgomery Four on six

by JMB Arturia

A jazz trio standard played by Origin. The jazz guitar and the double bass parts have been played with a Guitar MIDI controller to keep the guitar and bass intact feeling. The drum parts have been played with Drum Session thanks to a MIDI drum.

~ by steelberryclones on October 5, 2008.

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