Kraftwerk: Interview with Ralf Hutter

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Thank you for taking the time because I appreciate you are busy. You are playing in Krakow in a couple of days?

Yes, we are travelling there tomorrow and we are doing three dates and finishing a festival, we are some kind of ‘highlight’. I think it will be a beautiful occasion in an old industrial complex re-functioned for cultural events. So we travel tomorrow to set up.

Does it take Kraftwerk longer to set up than most bands given the amount of technology you have?

No, faster I think. Two or three hours. But it is more like checking cables and connections and having the computers working properly. It’s not so much a physical set-up.

Is it easier now to perform live than it was say 20 years ago because the technology is better?

Definitely, we’ve been very lucky that the technology developed in our direction. (laughs) This is what we envisaged in the late 70s when we worked with mostly analogue [equipment] of course. Then we composed the concept of [the album] Computer World coming out in 81 and we didn’t even have computers at that time. So that was more like a visionary album. We only got that technology, a small PC, around the tour of that album and we used one on stage just writing letters. Just typing them in, not even in synch or anything. Just live, and a guy putting that on screen.

Read the full interview here >>


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