Propellehead announces new high quality refills

New ReFill downloads in the PropShop

Welcome to visit the new Third Party ReFill page! This new PropShop section contains downloadable ReFills, hand picked for their sound and quality, taking advantage of all the sonic possibilities of Reason.

The Refills introduced this month are:

• EMU Proteus 1 2 3 – All the great sounds from EMUs classic range of rack modules.

• Old World – Color your music with strings, winds, melodic and percussion instruments from around the globe.

• Vintage Pro – 30 classic keyboards; Arp 2600, OB-Xa, and a Hammond B3 to name a few. Includes 384 Combinators!

• The Wizard II – Mind-twisting ambient and electronic sounds. Buzzes, beeps, textures and drones are offered in this other-worldly ReFill.

• Electrified! – Features the sounds of $30,000 worth of vintage and modern guitars and amps. Exceptionally responsive!

• Pure Acoustic Special Edition – Vibrant and natural acoustic guitars, from soft mellow fingerstyle to buzzy and edgy picked guitar.

• Flatpack 3 – The third episode in the award-winning Flatpack series, for electronic music producers and sound designers. Now available as download.

We will keep adding more exciting titles every month so don’t forget to check back!

Check it out!


~ by steelberryclones on September 19, 2008.

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