NI Reaktor Nostalgia

Have you forgotten that you actually can play games on Reaktor, at least I had 🙂

The open structure of the modular sound design studio makes it possible not only to construct musical instruments, but small interactive games as well. On this section we present some of the most exciting REAKTOR Games, constructed by REAKTOR users. These ensembles are perfectly suited for relaxing after a hard REAKTOR programming session…

REAKTOR Kung Fu Game: “Fist of the dragon”

Fist of the dragon (enlarge...)
Fist of the dragon (enlarge…)

“Fist of the dragon” by programchild is not a typical REAKTOR instrument, but the first kung fu game for REAKTOR. After loading into REAKTOR 4 or REAKTOR SESSION, you can fight against the computer, a friend, or just watch how the two REAKTOR heroes are fighting each other.
Use the keyboard (c1-d2 = Player 1 / c3-d4 = Player 2) or computer keyboard to control your fighting! And don’t forget to switch your speakers on for a total kung fu sound experience.

This ensemble demonstrates the high potential of the XY module, and how one can combine the XY panel and meter with the multi picture module to create kung fu fighters.

Instrument and design by programchild. Unit works with 44.1 kHz only!


~ by steelberryclones on September 4, 2008.

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