ExperimentalScene re-releases product range as Freeware

ExperimentalScene has re-released its entire audio product range as Freeware, including the modular virtual studio DarkWave Studio and its VST product range: DGenR8, AntiAlias, and SpatialVerb. All product limitations have been removed so now the electronic music community is able to enjoy this software free of charge.

DarkWave Studio 1.3

DarkWave Studio 1.3 Screenshot

Modern virtual studio for the creation of electronic music.

DGenR8 VST 2.2

DGenR8 VST 2.2 Screenshot

Virtual Analog Drum Module / Synthesizer

SpatialVerb VST 2.2

SpatialVerb VST 2.2 Screenshot

A high end VST reverb effect for Windows VST hosts.

AntiAlias VST 2.2

AntiAlias VST 2.2 Screenshot

Remove aliasing from digital audio with this effect for Windows compatible VST hosts.

RegCompact Pro 2.2

RegCompact Pro 2.2 Screenshot

Compact the Windows registry in order to eliminate internal fragmentation of your system’s registry hives in order to increase registry performance.

For more information, please visit www.experimentalscene.com


~ by steelberryclones on August 22, 2008.

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