VST Plug ins for free – recommended!!

Here are just a few examples of what you can get at De La Mancha, enjoy!!

These are just effect tools, but they have several instruments as well >>

truc free
Morphing multi-effects
Use 2 xy pads to control 4 banks of effects and any 4 parameters. runs in manual or auto, random or LFO, all fully tempo-sync’d to your host
machin free
Random multi-effects
A probability-based step sequencer triggers any of 6 effects according to their weighting
pfilter free
probability step sequenced filter
Trigger filter cut-off between 2 values on a probability-based step sequencer
gator free
probability step sequenced gate
Trigger volume between 2 values on a probability-based step sequencer
sfilter free
step sequenced filter
Vary filter cut-off between 2 values on a tempo-sync step sequencer
audio scrambler
The audio equivalent of a sick dog, it ejects an evil, semi-digested version of whatever you feed it
freq show
bent free
Circuit-bent resynthesizer
Analyses the incoming audio and resynthesizes it using a morphing oscillator, a tempo-sync gate & granulizer and some bent circuitry.
LFO controlled filter/flanger/volume/pan
Customisable LFO waveform to create rhythmic filtering, flanging, volume and panning
kitchen sync
ring modulator
Multi-flavour ring modulation where frequency and wet/dry level are controlled by an XY pad. Each axis can modulated by its own tempo-sync LFO
ring thing
3 band distortion effect
3 band distortion with independant LFO driven filters and 3 flavours of dirt
sumo free
make your sounds fat like a sumo
random FSU
pick a number, any number, who knows what will happen?
black box
moot free
midi latched mute/rhythmic gate/pingpong
Asign any midi key to latch the mute button, add a rhythmic chopping gate for fun
envy free
midi latched 2 channel volume envelopes
Asign any midi key(s) to trigger/latch the independant L and R envelopes

~ by steelberryclones on August 20, 2008.

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