Reason: Filter Research – New Effects Refill Released

Filter Research - New Effects Refill Released
Want to add some new effects to Propellerhead Reason? Filter Research
is a new patchset now available for Reason 4 which does just that.
Filter Research takes takes the modular format of the Reason
Combinator, and harnesses it to create new, and truly unique effects

A huge variety of different effects are included: dual-filter boxes,
granular glitch-machines, self-vocoding devices, huge fixed-filter
banks, and crossfaded formants are just some of what you'll find
inside. All are created from scratch and with the care and attention
Nucleus SoundLab is known for.

These Combinators are especially organized by effect type so you can
find the type of sound you are looking for quickly. Then, by adding a
Filter Research Combinator to a simple loop or sequence, you can
create something very different, and cutting-edge. By processing the
sounds you already own with Filter Research, you can create new,
useful material with ease!


 * 192 Combinators included, authored by a variety of designers -
Jeremy Janzen, Tom Pritchard, Nick Hutton, Shaun Wallace and Jacob

 * All Combinators created from scratch - except for 10 Planar
Filters based on the same template.

 * Each Combinator has all 4 knobs/buttons uniquely assigned.

 * PDF manual describing each Combinator.

Please download the Quicktime video demo below for an idea of what
Filter Research is capable of.
(46mb HQ version)
(20mb LQ version)

If you don't have Quicktime, you can try the .AVI version.
(Get VLC Player if this won't play correctly

Furthermore, you can download a free demo Refill containing 15
patches below. The demo Refill also includes the PDF manual so you
read more about the patches included in the full product.

~ by steelberryclones on August 7, 2008.

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