Finally some new stuff for Reaktor

Reaktor is a great piece of software but somehow somewhat forgotten in the music production scene, at least to my knowledge. I am very fond of my Reaktor and today I stumbled over something that might light things up a little on the Reaktor front, sure hope I am right, hehe

Musicrow Golden Ensembles 2

Anyone who uses Native Instruments Reaktor should prepare for a positive reaction because Musicrow has just the thing for you: Golden Ensembles 2. It’s a huge pack of 38 ensembles for use with Reaktor 5.

These ensembles include synthesizers, effects and creative audio tools, and all of those include hundreds of presets. The main event in this package has to be Musicrow’s new mega-synth Cobra, but it’s stacked up nicely with instruments like Orpheus 2, Oberline, Piano Magic, Trancoid and more. Effects include vintage processor emulators such as Vintage Chorus and Plate Reverb, and sound design tools include White FX and Executer, a boldly named plugin coming from Haifa.

  • Synthesizers: Cobra, Orpheus, Oberline, Bass Lab, Trancoid, CX and Blue Crow
  • Other Instruments: Piano Magic, Theremin, Brass Machine, Future Bass, Accordion and Vinyl
  • Sound Generators: Chaos
  • Classics Processors: Plate Reverb, Tape Echo, Osmosis Filter, Green Tape, Tube Compressor, Vintage Chorus, Mood Filter, Ultraverb, Ultra Chorus, Tape Flanger, Preamp Emulator, Ultra Phaser, DX3, Graphic Equalizer and Tremolo
  • Sound Design Tools: Executer, Magician, White FX, GrainD lay, Electroverb, Drive, Space Boy, Vocal Modeler and Gold Delay


~ by steelberryclones on July 15, 2008.

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