Denki Groove – Japanese guys back from the caves

Denki Groove, have resurfaced after a long stop in releasing new songs.

Their first new single in eight years, a catchy crowdpleaser called “Shonen Young”, is accompanied by a fabulous and decidedly 80:s-flavoured video available on You Tube. The album “J-pop” is a feast of classic synthesizer sounds and beats and is already out in Japan.

Denki Groove celebrate their 20th anniversary next year.

About section from Wiki:

Denki Groove (Japanese: 電気グルーヴ, denki gurūvu, lit. “electric groove”) is a Japanese technopop group influenced by Kraftwerk and YMO, founded in 1989. It is a part of Sony Music Japan‘s Ki/oon Records sublabel. Current members are Fumitoshi Ishino (Takkyu Ishino) and Masanori Taki (Pierre Taki). Former members are Yoshinori Sunahara and Jun Kitagawa.

Its works are particularly popular in Germany, where a handful of singles as well as solo releases from Ishino have been published, and Denki Groove is regularly booked for live performances and DJ sets for the Mayday festival. The duo performed in front of 15,000 people dancing in the rain on the Green Stage (mainstage) at the 2006 Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba, Niigata.

Early works have a focus more on pop sensibilities. With later releases the style evolved through several types of electronic dance music, though often with many asides in unrelated genres. Recent work has largely been composed of German-style techno. The group’s lyrics are often tongue-in-cheek and sometimes quite bizarre. They did the opening theme, “Mononoke Dance” (モノノケダンス/Mononoke Dansu) for Hakaba Kitaroh, the new version of GeGeGe no Kitaro.

Their popularity and recognition of their work increased significantly after 2006, when one of their songs was selected as the ending song for the award-winning anime, Eureka Seven. The song, “Rainbow”, is one of several reasons why the anime has gained a cult following throughout the world, and is featured on the official soundtrack for the show.


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One Response to “Denki Groove – Japanese guys back from the caves”

  1. Denki Groove have been around for 20 years! Still going strong.

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