Nice demo and tutorial of Kontakt Scriptorium

35 Unique KSP Processors for Kontakt
60 Advanced Kontakt Instruments
4 Video Tutorials on Sound Design Using KSP Scripts
Kontakt 2 / 3 Format

Super-charge Your Kontakt Sampler

Native Instruments Kontakt is a powerful sampler and musical tool, yet many people barely scratch the surface of what it can do for their music. Soniccouture aim to change all of that with this unique package – Scriptorium.

What is a KSP Script?

Way more than just a sound library, Scriptorium is a collection of unique KSP scripts – kind of like ‘plug-ins’ for Kontakt. A different concept entirely to traditional effects like compressors or reverbs, these ingenious tools open up new worlds of sonic possibility within Kontakt. KSP allows you to manipulate Kontakt parameters at a microscopic level, creating new behaviours, unique timbral characters or even generative sequences.

35 different Script processors are included in Scriptorium. Click here for a complete list.

To read about the scripts in detail, you can download the PDF manual


~ by steelberryclones on April 14, 2008.

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