No NAMM without Moog :-)


Old School…, nothing I would choose at this point and definately not on my top 5 wish list, but of course if someone would offer it to me for a good discount, perhaps the cute girl in the picture…

…the new synth with the analog sound engine of the Voyager, but without the digital controls. The perfect solution for players looking for a road-worthy replacement for their venerable Minimoog Model D, a full-featured centerpiece for their modular synth rig or just craving direct, hands-on connection to their creativity!

See more here >>

It also made me come to think of this old ad on eBay:


“Synth was made in 80’s years in USSR. It is soviet version of the famous Minimoog synth. Synthesizer has very original ‘transformer’ design with removing main operation panel. Synth looks very industrial and military, like the soviet secret weapon. Aelita is fat sounding synth with quite unique sound due to original soviet analog circuitry and electronic components.”

Could not have writed better, new friend. The Aelita is a 3-oscillator monosynth with independently detunable oscillators, a 24 dB/Octave Moog ladder filter, dual ADS envelopes and an LFO with triangle, square, saw and ramp waveforms. There’s no weak westernized MIDI or decadent capitalist on-board microprocessor to store patches. You’ll have to do it the Soviet way: By hand.



~ by steelberryclones on January 22, 2008.

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