This is soooo cool – Percussa AudioCubes

Although at first glance it looks similar to the PETECUBE they seem to have a very different approach in actual interaction, in particular the use of multiple cubes for control. A nice feature is it looks like they can be used without a computer to both generate sound and also apply effects. Watch the video below!

PERCUSSA AudioCubes is a revolutionary new electronic sound generator, processor and controller, available from PERCUSSA.

You can use it to control MIDI compatible software and instruments, generate lofi sound with them or process lofi sound.

Each cube can be reprogrammed from your computer over USB and has built in full colour light sources. They also come with samples by Loopmasters and Max/MSP patches.

In the video Tobias Von Hofsten (aka ONE, is using the cubes with his Elektron Machinedrum.


~ by steelberryclones on January 21, 2008.

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