NAMM 2008: Drum machine from Akai – Akai XR20


Cool stuff


~ by steelberryclones on January 21, 2008.

11 Responses to “NAMM 2008: Drum machine from Akai – Akai XR20”

  1. Dude the akai xr20 is a horrible streetboxx copy!!! And who is this guy??? What does he know about hip hop. The akai xr20 is really gay!! I heard a rumor that streetboxx 2 is comming out. Im gonna wait for that. I wont waste my money on this junk!

  2. The only thing that is really gay is you “Guru” Don’t knock the box until you’ve heard it! ( not out til April! so don’t judge from a few minutes of hearing it at Namm! you idiot! ) You obviously work for Zoom etc, and just trying to steer people away from what is tipped to be a great product, so run along and keep your little “Street Box” now THAT is gay, with it’s little dated sounds!

  3. AKAI XR20 is sick!!! Picked one up today… basically like having a sound module that has some of the best sounds available… (over 700 Tight ass
    drums and hits although the few voice samples are pretty basic) plus having an integrated synth with 100 synth and bassline sounds with a 36 key range of playing… (you can transpose up and down so the 12 pads are like 36 keys)…NUTS, and a sequencer with BACKLIT MPC pads. Plus all the sounds are editable to adjust and change the sound, and programmable to the mpc pads to create/save 100 of your own user made drum kits with your favorite sounds lined up… plus onboard effects. This thing is bad ass! From first hand experience… not from seeing the back of it or hearing about it… Akai was not playing when they designed this unit.

  4. is it midi or can you use it without a pc

  5. Guru: Yeah, I wonder who really started or let’s say invented, the whole concept of a pad based rhythmbox with lot’s of other useful functions back in the 1980’s, where was zoom by then….

    This is as close as you can come to an mpc, though no sampling, I chose between this and the mpc500 (as I wanted a super portable battery driven unit) and this goes right down to my heart. I still have my old mpc60 though I rarely use it since it’s not very convenient to use it (load samples from disc is a real pain without pre-listen).

    Grow up guru!

    The old man.

  6. The same person has left negative comments on the xr-20 on 3 diffent boards (so far) using different names each time but always using “dude” in each post. Hehe, he even posted twice on one board under two different names but started each comment with “dude”
    His opinion isn’t based on hand’s on experience so I’d just ignore it.
    I still have my Akai XR-10 drum machine (1989) which was packed with cool sounds (Peter Gabriel was big at the time so it has some Gabriel-esque sounds on it too).
    Anyway, I just played with an XR-20 at Guitar Center (apparently they just put it out because they didn’t even have the price card up yet.
    If you’re into “electronic” drum sounds it’s a really nice machine. According to the Akai site 650 of the sounds were done by a pro hip hop production team who did a series of popular sample discs. But don’t let the hip-hop/rap flavoured preset patterns throw you, it also has really nice industrial and techno and glitch techno sounds.
    I’ve owned around 40 different drum machines over the years (and currently own 8 at the moment) but I’m seriously thinking about picking one of these up.
    Check out Akai’s website for a video/audio demonstration. And no, I don’t work for Akai, hehe.

  7. I got one today Not Bad 4 the price.

  8. I have a question how do I get or use the instruments from my keyboard to play with my XR20? I have the midi cables and my XR20 will only play the instruments that are on it and not the ones from my keyboard.

  9. This thing sounds good for me!!! I’am thinking of picking one up. does anyone know if you can use it as a trigger finger for pc software and mute the internal sounds? or if I’am using it with a midi chain with other hardware does each pad have a differnt messege? I’am looking for a easy programble drum maching I dont need any bass or synths just step by step drum programing. I want to play with hardware not with a mouse.

  10. streetboxx? rofl. i wouldnt be surprised if your someone from the team who made that peice of shit machine. this xr-20 is a smooth machine and no “beat thang” or fuck ass streetboxx can touch it. lay off the rocks dude

  11. this machine kicks ass.

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