VFX Nostalgia – Remember “Dark Ware”

DarkWare products were produced from June’05 till December’05. The first public DarkWare release was El Fuego, the last public Darkware release was Glitch Jockey (arguably The Nightmare Machine could be considered the final release). DarkWare products were featured in a variety of electronic music software magazines (Computer Music, Future Music, DTMM, etc.), and quickly amassed a cult following. However, after nearly 30 DarkWare releases, Jack got tired of producing freeware VST. Thusly in January ’06, Jack ended DarkWare permanently so he could start selling commercial VST called NOVUZEIT.


Dark Ware is freeware, download as much as you want here >>

According to themseleves:
If you think DarkWare is good you will be blown away by NOVUZEIT.


~ by steelberryclones on November 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “VFX Nostalgia – Remember “Dark Ware””

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  2. It appears that he no longer does Novuzeit either (or has any public internet presence, for that matter).

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