Commodore 64 – VST – a little beauty


basic64 is inspired by the 8 bit sounds of the classic Commodore 64.
It’s not a straight emulation, but is based around the SID chip with some extras for that 8-bit retro game sound, lofi gritty noises or just plain oddness

– 16, 8 or 6 bit sound quality
– 3 oscs, each with their own ADSR envelope
– oscillators can be sync’d and ring modulated by each other
– pitch envelope modulation
– pitch wobble option, for subtle instability
– 2 tempo-sync LFO’s to modulate pitch, cut-off and pulse width
– LFO’s have attack/release curves
– tempo-sync arpegiator
– flexible routing to state variable filter (LP, HP & BP)
– envelopes can be reset or continuous at retrigger
– monophonic or polyphonic option
– midi learn / midi CC support
– 128 presets by sinkmusic & WhiskeyPriest

Download it from here >>


~ by steelberryclones on November 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “Commodore 64 – VST – a little beauty”

  1. SynthEdit is great. I use it to make more weird software synthesizers like this more than I actually use them.

  2. I love that Basic 64 !!!
    Since I found it, I used it in almost every Track…

    Have a listen to my Tracks:


  3. […] I have received quite a few questions on the recently posted C64 VST and if there is something similar that will run on a MAC, well there is (of course) I just think […]

  4. Oh this thing is truely a beauty, great sounds come out of it if you know how to tweak them…

    here’s a song I made with it:

  5. Other 8-bit VST, AU, RTAS plugins focused SID sounds :

  6. yeah, 128 presets! is that the only one that’s C64 specific?

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