Analog Synthesizer Tribute


Starting off the new week with a short tribute to analog synthesizers. Feel free to feast your eyes on this Moog close up or perhaps take an analog journey through this little link library of analog synth resources.

But first a little analog poen I found while surfing the web 🙂

What shreds your cones, makes wonderful drones, leaves digitoids in a fog?
What weighs a ton and is oodles of fun? It’s A– na– LOG! It’s Ana-LOG,
it’s Ana-LOG, it squashes your neighbor’s cat; It’s Ana-LOG, It’s Ana-LOG,
it’s better than thin, it’s FAT!


· Analog Monster

· Analog Notes

· Analogue Systems

· Apache Synthesizer (Aaron Cram)

· Blacet Research

· Black Strobe Studio

· Buchla And Associates

· casperelectronics (Peter Edwards’s site)

· CMS /

· Cynthia Webster CYNDUSTRIES

· Dave Magnuson’s Site





· Doug Frome’s Site Home of “Consciousness Connector”

· eDrum Site (Admir Salahovic’s Site)


· Sound Lab Forum

· Electronics with Graham Knott of CRC

· FlexiMusic – Music and Audio Software

· Henry Walmsley’s Site

· Ian Fritz’ Site

· Infection Music Limited

· Jaco Sloof’s Site

· James Patchell’s Site

· Jörg Schmitz’ Site

· Jürgen Haible’s Site

· KA Electronics (1K tempcos & THAT ICs)

· Ken Stone’s Site

· Kevin Lightner’s Synthfool! Site

· Laurie Biddulph’s Elby Designs Site

· MACBETH STUDIO SYSTEMS analogue synthesizers

· “Manual Manor” by Mark Glinsky

· Michael Buchstaller’s Site

· Microtonal Synthesis

· modcan


· Motohiko Takeda’s Site

· Music Thing

· Music

· Natural Rhythm – diy

· Neil Johnson’s Site

· Niklas’ Web Site

· Oakley Sound Systems

· Oren Leavitt’s Site

· Osamu Hoshuyama’s Site

· PAIA Research

· Papareil Synth Labs

· Peter Grenader’s Site

· René Schmitz’ Site

· RetroSonik

· Roman’s Site

· Scott Juskiw’s Site

· Scott Stites’ Site

· Seb’s Synth-DIY Pages

· Serge (Unofficially speaking…)

· Steve Thomas’ Site

· Subscribe to Analog Heaven email

· Subscribe to Synth-DIY email


· Synthesis Technology, Home of Paul Schreiber’s MOTM


· Synthtopia Electronic Music Portal

· The Electronics Club

· The Electronic Peasant

· The Master Synthesizer Book List

· The New England Synthesizer Museum

· The Thomas Henry VCO-1 (Article on Scott Stites’ site)

· Thorsten Klose’s

· Wiard Synthesizer (Grant Richter’s) Site

· Yves Usson’s site


~ by steelberryclones on November 12, 2007.

One Response to “Analog Synthesizer Tribute”

  1. Analogue jollies yes. Well who can fail to agree?

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