Japanese Synthpop – sorry but its all JPOP, LOL

For a long time I have struggled to find a Japanese Synthpop group. I have many like Minekawa, Two Mix, Soft Ballet, and others, but somehow they don’t stick to my ribs. The synth scene is alive and kicking in Japan as POP Academy proves. This is required reading, and yes, there will be a test. Especially find and read the overseas synthpop lists.

Problem seems to be the domination of the JPOP scene in Japan, since even groups like Two-Mix (who actually describes themselves as synthpop artists sounds like JPOP

Looking for JPOP, than this is the site for you 🙂 >> http://www.jpop.com/


Well, to be honest JPOP may at times sound quite cute actually, LOL


~ by steelberryclones on September 20, 2007.

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