David Sylvian on tour in the Nordics


Couldn´t help being a bit nostalgic seeing that my biggest music idol, in my adolescent years, is making a tour in the nordics

Here’s a link to the review of the concert (soory it´s in swedish)


Sylvian back then, some Youtube shots, including an interview with his former band Japan:




Richard was also part of Japan, here is what he has to say about the new Reason 4, especially the new synth Thor

Richard Barbieri – His first fame came as a member of the UK group Japan in the 80s. He now tours the world and produces with Porcupine Tree – finds still time for solo work.

I was interested to see how different in structure and design this new synth was in relation to Subtractor and Malströ:m and how complex the modulation matrix layout would be. Six forms of synthesis sounded good. As I mentioned, the modulation matrix allows for amazing sound manipulation and the assignable controls allow for realtime performance effects. The analogue style sequencer is really flexible, ideal for creating weird percussive patterns. It is great to have a sound shaper in the chain as well with possibilities to distort and saturate the signal a bit. It felt pretty instinctive. It’s laid out in a very logical and user friendly way. I started out with a Roland System 700 module when I was eighteen so I became used to working with “patched” set ups and routing. Thor is similar in that you can set complex paths, but you can also use it in a simplistic way and get some really nice synth tones straight away.

What kind of music to do you make? Many different styles really. My own solo work tends towards a textural ambient and electronic style. With Japan, the keyboards were very much featured and upfront, but I work with many different artists and the band I have been with for the last 13 years, Porcupine Tree, is pretty much heavy rock so it’s more of a challenge placing the synth sounds and electronics within that context.

Whenever I have anything new, be it a synth or a gadget of some sort, I tend to use it a lot at first and it becomes integral to new compositions and then after a while it finds it’s “place” within my set up. I use Reason instruments live anyway, so I’ll definitely be programming up more Thor sounds for the next round of touring in the autumn.


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