Killing time with Paris Hilton


Well another sleepless night here in Frisco and I am killing time watching US’s “TOP” story – Paris Hilton is out of jail !!! ANS she’s gonna appear on Larry King Live tonight – I CAN´T WAIT to here her life story and how she´ve become religious in jail……Woooow

The conference went well, well I haven´t made my speech yet – due today – but the discussion panels was, unusally enough, really interesting shedding some light on web 2.0, widgets, iPhone and more, although I cannot stand hearing these endless sales pitches from Symbian, Moto and the rest. I actually benchmarked the agenda on what Symbian was scheduled to speak on – and instead of answering any of his speaking topics I had to endure a half hour sales pitch, yikes

Well it’s good that they have shops like Banana Republic, Pac Sun, Wakers etc, that I visited before going to bed so that I could bring home some cool stuff for the family.


OK, back to checking my e-mail and preparing my presentation for today…..hmm and possibly an hour or so on my new tune Static Frisco



~ by steelberryclones on June 27, 2007.

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