Sleepless in Frisco :-(

Well after 12 hours on the United flight to Frisco, with the poorest onboard service I have experienced so far – you cannot even get a beer for free to dinner, they charge you 6 dollars for a beer !!!!

Ok so once here at the Holiday Inn I ended up in my room after a quick Ceasars sallad in the restaurant realizing I will have serious problems getting to sleep (knowing that it is 6AM in the morning in Europe. Well all negative things has positive outcomes – it allowed me to reherse my presentation at MAPOS and start the crafting of a new tune called Static Frisco, based on Combinator patches I have built up to sound like Juno synths (although I am not sure they will end up in the final mix yet)

Btw the Holiday Inn is not placed in a particularly nice area of the town or at least that is how I fealt walking for a bit in the neighbourhood yesterday evening.



~ by steelberryclones on June 26, 2007.

One Response to “Sleepless in Frisco :-(”

  1. urgh, 6dollars for a beer? then it would cost me 3$ to get drunk!

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